What do You Want to Be Remembered For?

Every year when the yearbook comes out, you find out who was voted "Class Clown" and "Most Athletic." They're silly titles that are meant to make you laugh when you look back on them, but think for a moment...How do you want to be remembered? As someone with the "Best Hair?" Why not be remembered for something that really matters?

You can be remembered as someone who changed the world — by brightening the world of a child with special needs. Friendship is something so many of us take for granted, because we are fortunate enough to have more friends than we can count. But not all are so lucky, and that's where you come in. 

Inclusion Starts with You

Befriending a child with special needs is easy, because at their core they're just like you. You may think you don't know how to approach someone with a disability, but our training seminars and supportive network of staff and volunteers will guide you through the process. At The Friendship Circle, we believe everyone smiles in the same language, so bridging the gap is as easy as showing your pearly whites!

Where am I Needed?

There are a variety of FC programs in which you can get involved. Friends@Home is a great place to start - we'll pair you and another teen volunteer with a child with special needs, based on location and mutual interests. During your weekly visits, you'll play games, read books, sing songs, play sports, and whatever else you and your new friends enjoy doing. But that's not all. Your visit also means the world to the child's family, because they can soak up some much-needed downtime. Caring for a loved one who needs extra help can be exhausting, and your play date also brings the gift of relaxation to parents and siblings.  

When holidays come around, everyone wants to celebrate! Our Holiday Programs provide fun for your buddy, their family, and the entire community. From Sushi in the Sukkah to Chanukah Bowl, each season brings an exciting opportunity to gather together and give the gift of friendship.

Have a hobby you're passionate about sharing? You can join your buddy in one of our many FC Clubs. Past clubs have included cooking, crafting, and even martial arts! Have an idea for a new club? We'd love to hear about it: Sign up and drop us a line!

We also have Volunteer Appreciation events throughout the year, where we get a chance to say "Thank You" for your dedication to children with special needs, and you get a chance to hang out with other Jewish teens who are passionate about changing the world.

So, How do You Want to be Remembered?
How does "Best Friend" sound?  

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