By: Stan Slovin


I had probably been coming to the walk for about ten years before I led my first team last year. I love the cause, but was mostly worried about the technology. I didn’t know how to control the content going out—like emails I get, or sending an email and receiving a response. And social media is more live; it can be shared, and re-posted. There’s a snowball effect, which ultimately worked to my advantage, but was initially intimidating. I was also afraid I wouldn’t make my goal, but Rabbi Moscowitz assured me I should try anyway. He was incredibly helpful in setting up the team site, which made it easy for people to see what we were doing. In addition, the site was live even after the walk, so people could still donate.


I was surprised when I not only met my goal, but exceeded it! People I did not expect to donate were happy to give. It gave them a chance to share in something I believe in. I think that setting a goal helped drive the success. It creates ownership and accountability. I was worried I couldn’t do it alone, but you’re not alone, you’re on a team, and people like to be part of a team. I had the incentive, and the walk site helped me spread the message in an organized, thoughtful, and detailed fashion. Every time a donation came through, I felt a great sense of accomplishment.


At the end of the day, it’s really about the kids. That’s why this event has been successful. The name Friendship Circle says it all—socialization and life-changing activities for children with special needs. I think FC is committed to really helping those children feel important, special, and included, but they also provide a chance for the families of those children and the community at large to participate. Plus, they enable the volunteers to give to the cause, and experience the importance of a rich and kind Jewish community and world.


If you haven’t created a team page, take it from someone who had never done it either; you can do it! You can take a chance on something new and trust that other people want to help you accomplish your goal. Give others a chance to share in something you believe in—making The Friendship Circle great.


This year’s Walk4Friendship is set to take place on Sunday, September 2nd! As always, you can expect a fun-filled day with delicious food, music, and activities. Let this year be the year you lead your own team to success!


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