There are those who dream …
And there are those who bring dreams to reality.

In tribute to 
Shmuel and Sharone Goodman


For several years there was a dream to bring Friendship Circle to Illinois. To take the love and warmth and ingenuity of Chabad and translate that into a resource for families of children with special needs.  To create a passionate network of teens who would give of themselves and receive so much love in return.


But this remained a dream.


Until… Shmuel & Sharone took the initiative to give of themselves and turn a vision into an exciting circle of kindness and true Chessed.  Not only did the Goodmans financially jumpstart this program, they have given the ultimate gift – themselves.  They participate in every program, nurture every seedling of the circle, and help it grow and mature.


We thank Shmuel and Sharone Goodman for their friendship and guidance.  We are proud that The Friendship Circle of Illinois carries the name of Stuart I Raskas, Sharone's father, of blessed memory.  Stuart Raskas was an individual who epitomized generosity and kindness, a man who bequeathed these attributes to his family and friends.
 picture of Stuart I Raskas B.jpg