I Volunteer…

…because I am needed, because I have so much to give,  
because I can make a difference.

High School is busier than ever. You've got a lot to balance - school, sports, family, friends...and Instagram and Facebook are always blowing up your phone. But what if you took a little time away from social media, and actually did something social? What if you invested your energy and talent in a fun and meaningful way, and gave back to the community that has given you so much?

Teens just like you all over Chicagoland have already done so by volunteering with The Friendship Circle. By joining our team, you can give the gift of friendship to a child with special needs, and make new friends in the process! You know how important your friends are to you — now you can be that friend to someone who needs it most.

Inclusion starts with you. You can change the world. Don't wait! Sign up below: