Lloyd was born with a rare congenital bone deficiency which left his legs unusually short. In spite of his substantial physical challenge, Lloyd has driven himself to excel both athletically and professionally. Having developed his physical skills at an early age via his interest in swimming, baseball, and bowling; Lloyd has since become accomplished in the sport of gymnastics, competing against able-bodied gymnasts in high school and college. In 1996 he was named to the USA Paralympic Team playing sit-volleyball. Lloyd still enjoys downhill mono-skiing and is an avid SCUBA diver.

In 1995 Lloyd founded “Yes, You Can!”, an organization devoted to inspire and motivate others to reach their ultimate potential. Since its inception, Lloyd has delivered his message to a wide variety of audiences nationwide. 

Today Lloyd spends most of his time with his wife Julia and their two daughters, Marissa & Paili.

Fellowship Award

We are proud to announce our new Fellowship Award, which recognizes our most dedicated teens for their outstanding commitment to children with disabilities. Each volunteer receiving the award has demonstrated remarkable dedication to the special needs community, and completed 36 hours of service during the school year.

Suggested Donation $36
Sponsor $100
Volunteers are invited Free of Charge


This inspiring event brings together The Friendship Circle's dearest friends, partners, and supporters. It will feature entertainment and delicious refreshments, as well as quality time spent with caring community members.

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